Carlsen – Karjakin, Game eleven


One game remains in the Carlsen - Karjakin World Championship match. After the draw in the Carlsen - Karjakin game eleven, the scores are tied at 5.5-5.5 and the tension is at its peak.

If we imagined Carlsen dancing with the devil in the aftermath of the game ten, than there is no reason not to mention the famous Doors song in the context of the game eleven, wouldn't you agree?

Because if Karjakin had any ambitions to finish the match before the tiebreaks, before the last game it is probably safe to say that that "CARAVAN" has now definitely left the... CARAVAN STATION?

Since it is probably not very likely that Magnus will again Karjakin serious chances with the Black pieces, as happened in game eight. 


As probably everyone has guessed so far, in Carlsen - Karjakin game eleven once again e4 was replied with e5.

And although Carlsen expressed some interesting opinions in the post game press conference, in reality he stick to  what he knows the best. And no matter what a group of well known gentleman, everyone expected the Spanish opening to appear.


Sooner or later Monthy Python's flying circus reference had to appear on this blog

Anyway... The players followed the same variation that already appeared in game two. It is no doubt that Karjakin had some improvement in mind. But due to Carlsen's versatility, he once again deviated first and played the new move.

His Be6 led to a theoretical, but simplified position. A battle between White's kingside pawn majority and Black's queenside pawn mass ensued.

However, Karjakin's play probably won't find many followers in the future. Since after the slow h3 he was left without many active possibilities. Magnus played very energetically in the centre and on the queenside,  and managed to pose some serious problems to the challenger.

Problems, that were difficult, but also not insurmountable. Therefore, Karjakin managed to navigate his way through the complications and ward off Carlsen's threats.

He later claimed that he played bad and that he at least managed to find one decent move (20 Bg5) - source - chess 24 article.

Let's look at the analysis of the game. (Hint: Press any move and the pop-up board will appear).


To sum up, before the last game Carlsen has both the White pieces and psychological advantage. I think he has really decent chances to finish the match before the "extra time". However, one potential danger he is facing might be his "overeagerness" to do that. Hopefully, we Carlsen fans will not go through another game similar to Carlsen - Karjakin game eight.

But to find that out, we will have to be patient untill tomorrow. Because patience is a virtue, right?


It probably depends who are you asking.


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