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Best chess books written by World Champions

Introduction Nowadays, publishing a chess book has become easier than ever before. Due to the accessibility of information chess knowledge has become available to almost anyone. Also, in the modern chess, the opening stage is more important than ever before. Memorizing openings basically comes down to processing huge amounts of data. Therefore, it is no wonder that numerous…
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Best chess beginner books

Best chess beginner books Everybody knows how confusing and difficult it is to learn something from the scratch. Chess, being the rich and complicated game it is, is by no means an exception. More experienced players often tend to forget that they were once complete newbies as well. Things that they understand easily (such as…
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Best chess middle game books

Introduction In the previous post  we have already identified chess middle game as the phase of the chess game that tends to be hardest to improve. The points mentioned in that post very much apply to chess literature as well: When searching for a good book about the openings, a player only needs a book relevant for the…
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Best chess endgame books

Chess endgame Bibles After assembling a list of best chess tactical books in the previous post and after writing a first post in the "endgame domain", we thought that the next logical step is making a similar list with the best endgame literature. Our personal opinion is that books are the best source for endgame…
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Best chess tactics books

Chess tactical Bibles In some of the previous posts on this blog I have considered the subjects chess improvement and chess tactics. As I have mentioned there, I consider chess books as the best source for studying chess. Additionaly, the importance of practicing chess tactics on a regular basis was also emphasized. Too be completely honest, in the chess tactics…
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