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Candidates Tournament 2018 – Rounds 10 and 11

Situation at the top unchanged, Karjakin approaches the leaders "Nothing new under the sun" would be the best description of the events that happened in rounds 10 and 11 of the Candidates Tournament 2018. Aronian's nightmare tournament continues with the two losses, plenty of exciting games that ended in draws (including an incredible miss by…
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Candidates Tournament 2018 – Rounds 8 and 9

Kramnik's downfall I will admit, christening rounds 6 and 7 as Aronian's downfall was slightly overstretched - after all, Levon never really got the tournament going in the first place. On the other hand, rounds 8 and 9 were definitely the final nail in Kramnik's coffin in this tournament, which is slowly becoming a nightmare.…
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Candidates Tournament 2018 – Rounds 6 and 7

Aronian's downfall Although the Candidates tournament 2018 hasn't started very well for Levon Aronian, after 5 rounds his fans still retained some hopes of him performing well. Alas, after the next two rounds, not even his staunch supporters believe in his chances of winning the tournament. Caruana and Mamedyarov have, on the other hand, retained…
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Candidates Tournament 2018 – Rounds 4 and 5

ALEXANDER GRISCHUK - THE MAN OF THE HOUR Rounds 4 and 5 of the Candidates Tournament 2018 have just finished and they have left the spectators with mixed feelings. Whereas round 4 continued where round 3 has left us, round 5 was the cold shower. Considering that the aftertaste of the 5th round is still very much…
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Candidates tournament 2018- Rounds 2 and 3

Round 2 After the bloodbath in the first round, in the round 2 of the FIDE Chess Candidates Tournament 2018, the players have slightly slowed down. At least result wise. Out of the four games, only one ended with the decisive result. However, that is not to say that the games weren't interesting - on…
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