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Fischer – Karpov 1975 World Championship Match

THE MATCH THAT NEVER HAPPENED Upon his return to America after his triumph in the Match of the Century, Fischer was treated like a celebrity. He got invited to talk shows, his face appeared in almost every newspaper and magazine and numerous companies hurried to offer him lucrative sponsorship contracts. However, when everyone expected him…
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Fischer – Spassky World Championship Match 1972

THE MATCH OF THE CENTURY Ever since he qualified for the 1959 Candidates tournament at the age of 15, everybody realized there is something special about Robert James Fischer. By devouring chess books on a daily basis, Fischer single-handedly developed into the youngest grandmaster ever (at a time) and a world-class player. Already back then…
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Petrosian – Spassky World Championship Match 1969

After the customary Zonal Tournaments, the Interzonal tournament of the 1967 – 1969 World Championship Cycle took place in Sousse, Tunisia. 23 players battled for six places in the Candidates, since Boris Spassky (as a loser in the 1966 World Championship Match), and Mikhail Tal (as the loser in the final Candidates match in 1963-1966…
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Petrosian – Spassky World Championship Match 1966

After the controversy regarding the „Russian pact“ in the previous edition of the Candidates tournament, FIDE decided to change the format of the 1963-1966 World Championship qualifying cycle. Instead of the all-play-all tournament, Candidates knock-out matches were introduced for the first time in the history. The cycle started with the customary Zonal Tournaments. Compared to…
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Botvinnik – Petrosian World Championship Match 1963

While Botvinnik and Tal were contesting their first match in 1960, the Zonal tournaments for the next qualifying cycle have already started. Since more than 50 countries have become FIDE members, an additional zone was added compared to the previous cycle, increasing the number to a total of nine zones. Based on the results of…
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