Back in 2012, I visited the city of Berlin in one of my first independent road trips abroad. It was then when I first encountered a concept of the so-called Free Walking Tours. The Free Walking Tours are touristic tours that don’t have a predetermined price. Instead, at the end of the tour, you have the liberty of deciding the worth of the tour on your own and pay as much as you like.

I really liked the basic idea behind The Free Walking Tours. The user of the service has the right to decide a posteriori how much the service is worth. Although I am well aware the majority of businesses doesn't implement this business model, I still think it offers you the most fear deal.

That is why I decided to borrow this model and implement in on this site as well. All the content on this site is free and available to everyone. Every visitor has the right to decide for himself whether there might be something in the whacky things I write, or whether articles are worth even less than Shaquille O'Neal at the free throw line.

In any case, if you are reading this, it means you are one of the suck.. I mean, one of those kind-hearted people who actually clicked on the donation page.  Now I have an unenviable task of convincing you to actually proceed with the donation.  I guess the easiest way would be to get directly to the point and pretend I am fully convinced I deserve your contribution. It would definitely be quite terrible to annoy the reader with my insecurities and doubts and questions regarding the decision to implement a donation link in the first place.

The last thing I would want to do is bore the reader to death by writing a word too much. After all, we don't want visitors of this page to go away immediately, right guys?. .. Erm, guys?.  Are you still with me, guys?... Guys?

What do I donate FOR?

First of all, running any sort of blog requires certain basic expenses. Apart from that, you are also rewarding the time I invested in preparation for the articles and the very process of writing them.

Secondly, as almost any Internet blogger, I dream about increasing my readership and the impact this blog has. Although I don't have any concrete measures in mind yet, it is very probably future plans will demand increased expenses. Social media marketing, broader hosting services, employing people to work on this blog, hiring experts in various fields are some of the things that come to mind. In simple words, by supporting the blog you allow us to grow and continue running smoothly and comfortably.

Finally, the ultimate goal of this blog is to reach full independence. There would be no one happier than me if I were able to quit my full-time job and dedicate myself completely to writing (and some other things I love doing).  Since I think it would be rather reckless to do so prematurely. I kinda want to see how this "let's play a blogger" thing will go. In highly unlikely case some of the articles start to appeal to a broader audience, and a critical mass of readers starts supporting this blog, I will feel much more comfortable in making a major career shift.

My God, do you ever stop talking? Just shut up already and take my money. HOW DO I DONATE?

Quite easy, just click on the button below and visit my PayPal donation page. Enter an amount you think is suitable and write your name on the Chessentials donor list forever.