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Best chess games of World Champions

Best chess games of the World Champions. Every Champion has left a rich heritage of brilliant games for chess players to enjoy.

In this series of posts, we will examine the best game of the careers of every single chess World Champion.

We will add the links to the list below once the post is finished.

Part one – Wilhelm Steinitz

Part two – Emmanuel Lasker

Part three – Jose Raul Capablanca

Part four – Alexander Alekhine

Part five – Max Euwe

Part six – Mikhail Botvinnik

Part seven – Vassily Smyslov

Part eight – Mikhail Tal

Part nine – Tigran Petrosian

Part ten – Boris Spassky

Part eleven – Robert James Fischer

Part twelve  – Anatoly Karpov

Part thirteen – Garry Kasparov

Part fourteen – Vladimir Kramnik

Part fifteen – Viswanathan Anand

Part sixteen – Magnus Carlsen

Best games of Wilhelm Steinitz

Wilhelm Steinitz - the first World Champion The year 1886 is a year of colossal importance in the history of chess. On January 11th, the first official match for the title of the World Champion between Wilhelm Steinitz and Johannes Zukertort took place. Although many notable matches took place in the preceding years, this match was…
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