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Carlsen – Karjakin World Championship

Carlsen – Karjakin World Championship match. Full game reports with chess commentary and chess analysis. Includes preview and conclusion on the match.

Carlsen – Karjakin Tiebreaks – Part 2

After analyzing first two games of the Carlsen - Karjakin tiebreaks, in this post I will fill the picture and analyze the remaining two games, which both ended in decisive results. The analysis can be found below. (Hint: Click on any move, and the pop-up board will appear). TIEBREAKS - GAME THREE GAME ANALYSIS [pgn…
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Carlsen – Karjakin tiebreaks – Part 1

TIEBREAKS - FORMAT AND OPINIONS For the third time in the modern history, a World Championship match has been decided in the tiebreak format. After Kramnik - Topalov and Anand - Gelfand matches, Carlsen - Karjakin tiebreak continued to be lucky for the Champion. First of all, I would like to take an opportunity to…
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Carlsen – Karjakin, Game twelve

REMEMBER, REMEMBER THE 28TH OF NOVEMBER... The above title was prepared specifically for the aftermath of the Carlsen - Karjakin game twelve. Because  Guy Fawkes references seemed appropriate to praise the champion after grandiose final  struggle which was expected. Alas, no one really counted on Magnus playing like Mourinho teams in his last White game…
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Carlsen – Karjakin, Game eleven

SHORT, BUT INTENSIVE STRUGGLE IN THE LAST "SPANISH CARAVAN" One game remains in the Carlsen - Karjakin World Championship match. After the draw in the Carlsen - Karjakin game eleven, the scores are tied at 5.5-5.5 and the tension is at its peak. If we imagined Carlsen dancing with the devil in the aftermath of the game…
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Carlsen – Karjakin, game ten

CARLSEN GRINDS THE WIN AFTER THE "COMEDY OF ERRORS" IN GAME TEN I would like to start this post with the good old Latin saying, that goes "Errare humanum est,  perservare diabolicum." Because, to the endless joy of all the haters of "Dicta et sententiae", Carlsen - Karjakin game ten confirmed that everything with the "Roman…
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