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Carlsen – Karjakin World Championship

Carlsen – Karjakin World Championship match. Full game reports with chess commentary and chess analysis. Includes preview and conclusion on the match.

Carlsen – Karjakin, game nine

CARLSEN LIVES  TO FIGHT ANOTHER GAME AFTER ESCAPE IN GAME NINE Since I am a Magnus fan, I am really happy that I could write that he lives, instead of leaves, after Carlsen - Karjakin game nine. On the other hand considering the quality of that joke, Karjakin's win would probably be for the greater…
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Carlsen – Karjakin, Game Eight

WATER HITS THE ROCK IN GAME EIGHT AS HARRY THE H-PAWN DECIDES THE ISSUE While I have spent the most of my life as an atheist, the events of the 21st November convinced me that there is one true goddess. Because after crying like a baby after the series of draws, ending with game seven,  the…
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Carlsen – Karjakin, Game seven

NOTHING NEW IN THE LAND OF THE DRAW Finally it has happened. After six games where I have resisted the temptation to call the games boring. However, it seems like Carlsen - Karjakin game seven managed to wither me down and break my composure. Because, after five very hard fought draws, game six was the…
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Carlsen – Karjakin, Game six

CARLSEN'S BRILLIANT PREPARATION YIELDS YET ANOTHER HANDSHAKE One single glance at the scoreboard of the World chess championship 2016 must have made Anish Giri really proud. Because halfway through the match the perfect 6/6 in terms of indecisive games has been reached. Almost as if Anish was playing in the match himself. [caption id="attachment_324" align="alignnone" width="329"]…
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Carlsen – Karjakin, Game five

THE HUNTER BECOMES THE PREY, CARLSEN SURVIVES IN GAME FIVE If you have ever played any sport (i'm sorry, for majority chess is NOT a sport) than the feeling must be familiar. You are feeling good and playing better, yet you are unable to capitalize on your chances. And as you keep missing, your frustration and anger…
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