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Chess Basics

Learn the basic rules of chess. Elementary rules of chess, basics of strategy and middle game, fast checkmates and more.

The Legal Trap

INTRODUCTION On the road toward chess mastery, a chess player acquires knowledge about numerous attacking mechanism and mating patterns. For instance, every strong player is familiar with the typical sacrifice of the bishop on h7, typical exchange sacrifice on h5 and other similar attacking manoeuvres. However, one attacking pattern, in particular, has become especially famous…
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Fast checkmates

Introduction We human tend to get obsessed with the superlatives in any field of human activity. We are constantly trying to determine who is the biggest, the strongest, the most intelligent, the greatest ever, etc.. Heck, our obsession went so far that a separate body was created that publishes an annual book which documents all…
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Chess tactics for beginners – Chess combination elements

TACTICS, TACTICS, TACTICS In the previous post we have written about best ways to improve your chess. One of the suggestions was very blatant, as it simply said that studying chess is esential for improvement. The natural question for someone who is new to chess is, what to study and how to begin. This post will…
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How to get better at chess

... OR WHERE TO BEGIN? Very recently a college colleague of mine has sent me the following FACEBOOK INBOX (sorry, EMAILS are so 20th century): " Hey Vjeko, recently I have started playing alot of chess over the Internet. I have also done some chess studying, mostly openings, but I am confused whether that is the best way to…
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Basic chess rules

INTRODUCTION Many times during the course of my life I people have asked me where have I learned the basic chess rules. And I have always answered rather reluctantly that it was my uncle who thought me everything. Why reluctantly? Because while other kids were playing computer games, I was losing games where I was given…
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