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 Chess endgame.

Articles about the most difficult phase of the chess game – the endgame. Tips and tricks of the endgame play, specific endgame articles, endgame books, etc.

Best chess endgame books

Chess endgame Bibles After assembling a list of best chess tactical books in the previous post and after writing a first post in the "endgame domain", we thought that the next logical step is making a similar list with the best endgame literature. Our personal opinion is that books are the best source for endgame…
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Chess endgames – Pawn endgames principles

"ENDGAMES TEACH YOU CHESS" Last year I have had the pleasure of playing in the 2016 edition of the Zalakaros Chess tournament.  In the first round I have had the opportunity to play the Israeli International Master, Ben Artzi Ido. In the game, he wasn't very familiar with the opening. Also, he probably underestimated me…
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