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 Chess equipment.

Reviews, recommendations and best of lists of the various chess equipment. Chess clock, chess boards, chess miscellanea and more.

Best chess clocks

A chess clock? A chess clock, along with a chess set, represents the main equipment of a chess player. Chess clocks are used in chess (and other board games, such as checkers or backgammon) to keep track of the time each players spends during the game. To be completely honest, possesion of a chess clock and a chess…
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10 gift ideas for a chessplayer

As a devoteed Big Bang Theory fan, I can't avoid remembering a classic Sheldon quote at least once every December. [caption id="attachment_708" align="aligncenter" width="619"] Only Garfield could probably mock social convencionts more efficiently than Sheldon[/caption] Because I think that the art of the gift giving is one of the most complicated life tasks there is.…
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