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Chess Information

Always been interested how to gain an official FIDE title or what are some chess related websites?

You can find answers to those and similar questions here. We try to write various articles containing useful chess information.

Hope you will find them helpful.

7 types of blitz chess online players

Blitz chess online The 21st century can truly be regarded as the golden era for all the connoisseurs of the chess game. I have already written about huge positive impact Internet has had on our ancient game.  This impact is especially significant in the domain of the blitz chess. Considering that the tempo of life is faster than…
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Everything you need to know about the chess titles

The motivation for the article? Ever since I started playing chess, people all around me have approached people with letters in front of their names with deep respect. From the very beginning, I had a dream that people will treat me in that manner once I gain that pair of letters myself. [caption id="attachment_2009" align="aligncenter" width="495"]…
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Popular chess websites

CHESS AND INTERNET? The 21st century can trully be regarded as the golden era for all the connoisseurs of the chess game. Because never before was chess more accessible to the broad public than today. The most obvious benefit of the technological advance is seen when comparing how chess was played in the past to how it is…
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How to get better at chess

... OR WHERE TO BEGIN? Very recently a college colleague of mine has sent me the following FACEBOOK INBOX (sorry, EMAILS are so 20th century): " Hey Vjeko, recently I have started playing alot of chess over the Internet. I have also done some chess studying, mostly openings, but I am confused whether that is the best way to…
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