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Chess Interviews.

Interviews with different persons from the chess world. Find out about chess player lifestyle, their dreams and goals and more.

Ivan Šarić Interview

IVAN ŠARIĆ For almost a decade now, Ivan Šarić has been both the top-ranked and the strongest Croatian chess player. Already back in 2007, he introduced himself to the broader chess public by winning the U-18 World Chess Champion - a tremendous success. Ever since then, he has been rapidly progressing on the World Rating…
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Sven Tica Interview

Sven Tica is one of the youngest Croatian International Masters. Together with Plenča Jadranko and Leon Livaić, he is a member of the 'holy trinity' of the Croatian Youth. These three players are well in the 2400s ratings and it will be interesting to see who will be the first to reach the infamous Grandmaster…
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Leon Livaić Interview

Leon Livaić is the youngest International Master in the history of Croatian Chess and one of the greatest hopes of Croatian Chess - a former European and World Rapid Champion and European Blitz Youth Bronze Medalist. We took an opportunity to chat with Leon about his beginning, his career so far and his future plans…
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