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Chess middlegame and strategy.

Articles containing tips and tricks about the most complicated phases of them all – middlegame.

Best chess middle game books

Introduction In the previous post  we have already identified chess middle game as the phase of the chess game that tends to be hardest to improve. The points mentioned in that post very much apply to chess literature as well: When searching for a good book about the openings, a player only needs a book relevant for the…
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Chess middle game principles

WHY IS THE MIDDLE GAME SO HARD? The course of a typical chess game can be divided into three phases: the opening, the middle game and the endgame. In order to become a strong chess player, one should obtain a certain level in all three phases of the game. However, one of the most common…
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Best chess tactics books

Chess tactical Bibles In some of the previous posts on this blog I have considered the subjects chess improvement and chess tactics. As I have mentioned there, I consider chess books as the best source for studying chess. Additionaly, the importance of practicing chess tactics on a regular basis was also emphasized. Too be completely honest, in the chess tactics…
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Chess tactics for beginners – Chess combination elements

TACTICS, TACTICS, TACTICS In the previous post we have written about best ways to improve your chess. One of the suggestions was very blatant, as it simply said that studying chess is esential for improvement. The natural question for someone who is new to chess is, what to study and how to begin. This post will…
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How to get better at chess

... OR WHERE TO BEGIN? Very recently a college colleague of mine has sent me the following FACEBOOK INBOX (sorry, EMAILS are so 20th century): " Hey Vjeko, recently I have started playing alot of chess over the Internet. I have also done some chess studying, mostly openings, but I am confused whether that is the best way to…
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