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Best chess tactics books

Chess tactical Bibles In some of the previous posts on this blog I have considered the subjects chess improvement and chess tactics. As I have mentioned there, I consider chess books as the best source for studying chess. Additionaly, the importance of practicing chess tactics on a regular basis was also emphasized. Too be completely honest, in the chess tactics…
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Dealing with d4 deviations – Book review

INTRODUCTION Every chess tournament I have participated in has had THAT moment. THAT moment when after refreshing the pairings in the solitude of your apartment and lamenting about how you got the Black pieces again, you rush to open your Chessbase to quick scan your opponent's repertoire, only to realize that once again you have…
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The Art of the Checkmate – Book review

INTRODUCTION Whenever I start remembering my first chess steps, I can't resist paraphrasing the title of the famous Garry Kasparov autobiographic book - How chess imitates life. And for everybody thinking „Oh great, Vjeko, too much blitz on chesscom is again causing damage to your brain“ , please, let me elaborate. [caption id="attachment_631" align="aligncenter" width="437"] First chess…
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