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Solving chess studies is very good way to improve your chess. Additionally, composed problems have great artistic value and good chess studies are beautiful to solve.

Chess study 4 – Genrikh Kasparian Study 2

Chess study 4 Genrikh Kasparian Study 2 After witnessing the brilliant mate in the previous Kasparian's study, we have another Kasparian's gem in front of us. [pgn showMoves=puzzle eo=t pfr=/pgn4web ss=50 h=700] [White "Genrikh Kasparian Study"] [Black "White to play and win"] [Result "1-0"] [FEN "8/8/8/p5pp/P7/5pkP/1R2p1P1/6BK w - - 0 1"] {The solution starts with} 1 Bh2+! ({In…
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Chess study 3 – Genrikh Kasparian Study

Chess study 3 Genrikh Kasparian Study   Genrikh Kasparian is considered to be one of the greatest chess composers ever. The quantity and more importantly, the quality of his study is unparalleled so far. Since this is virtually his most famous study, we can only expect miracles on the board. And believe me, you won't…
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Chess study 2 – Leopold Mitrofanov Study

Chess study 2 Leopold Mitrofanov Study In one of the Q&A videos that Peter Svidler did for chess24.com, he has been  asked to name his favourite chess study. And ever since watching that video, the Leopold Mitrofanov study he has demonstrated has been etched into my brain. Because the study is extremely beautiful and extremely paradoxical.…
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Chess study 1 – Richard Reti Study – Solution

Chess Study 1 Richard Reti study  1921: The very first weekly chess study I will post on this blog will be very famous study by Hungarian grandmaster Richard Reti, composed in 1921. Richard Reti chess study is the first study I learned as a beginner and its simplicity and paradoxical solution made an enormous impression on…
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