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List of daily chess tactics.

Daily chess tactics will be posted on this blog. The solution will be posted few hours after the puzzle, so the reader can try to find the solution on his own.

Benefits of chess tactics?

Solving chess tactical problems is one of the essential ways of improving your chess. Chess tactics appear in all phases of the chess game – the opening, the middlegame and the endgame.

Therefore, practicing calculation regulary is a must if you want to improve your strength and your rating.

The goal is to entice the reader to practicesolving on a regular basis.

And today, with all the benefits of the Internet, it is possible even without buying expensive books dedicated specifically to tactics.

For more advanced readers books are recommended though, since the systematization of the knowledge counts for something.

Chess tactics 3

Chess tactics 3 [pgn showMoves=puzzle eo=t pfr=/pgn4web ss=50 h=700] [Daily tactics #3] [Result "1-0"] [FEN "r4rk1/pp3ppp/2pq1nb1/6N1/2BP4/7R/PPQ2PPP/4R1K1 w - - 0 1"] 1 Qxg6!! hxg6 {forced} 2 Bxf7+!! Rxf7 {forced} 3 Rh8+!! Kxh8  {With 4 Nxf7 and  5 Nxd6 next White is reaching a winning endgame!} [/pgn]
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Chess tactics 2

Chess tactics 2: [pgn showMoves=puzzle eo=t pfr=/pgn4web ss=50 h=700] [White "Daily tactics #1"] [Black "White to play and win"] [Result "1-0"] [FEN "6K1/Pp1r3r/5kn1/5p2/5P2/6N1/8/4R1R1 w - - 0 1"] 1 Nh5+ !! Rxh5 2 Rxg6!! Kxg6 3 Re6 mate {A very picturesque final position.} [/pgn]  
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Chess tactics 1

Chess tactics 1 : [pgn showMoves=puzzle eo=t pfr=/pgn4web ss=40 h=600] [White "Daily tactics #1"] [Black "White to play and win"] [Result "1-0"] [FEN "4r1k1/5ppp/r1q2n2/p1pNnQ2/PpP1P3/1P4R1/2B3PP/3R2K1 w - - 0 1"] 1 Ne7+ !! Rxe7 2 Qxf6!! (2... Ng6 3 Rd8+ Re8 4 Dxc6! Rxc6 5 Rxe8+) Qxf6 3 Rd8+ Re8 4 Rxe8 [/pgn]
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