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Famous chess games

In the history of chess, a huge amount of chess games has been played.

A number of this games has later become important for various reasons.

Some of the games became famous due to their extreme beauty.

Others became famous due to their incredible historical significance.

There are also games which became famous simply because they were extremely dramatic and marred by a horrible oversight.

In any case, in this series of posts, we assembled and analyzed a number of famous chess games.

Which famous chess games would you like to see covered next?

Mikhail Botvinnik Best Games

The patriarch Mikhail Botvinnik, the sixth world champion, is widely regarded as the "most instructive chess player ever" (you heard it here first). And indeed, in a number of his games, he exerted his plans with rigorous discipline and very often crushed his opponents with the iron logic. Not without reason did Paul Keres, his greatest…
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Max Euwe best games

The Man Who Beat Alekhine In 1935, the chess World was struck with a shock of epic proportions. Alexander Alekhine, celebrated World Champion, has been defeated in a World Championship Match by relatively lesser known Dutch master, Max Euwe. Although Euwe is known as the ‘Man Who beat Alekhine’, it seems to me that even…
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Alexander Alekhine best games

Alexander Alekhine - Alexander the Great The fourth World Champion, Alexander Alekhine is widely regarded, together with Mikhail Tal and Garry Kasparov, as the World Champion with the most combative, tactical and attacking style. Although he was a sort of late bloomer, after his surprising victory over Jose Raul Capablanca, he dominated world chess for decades,…
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Jose Raul Capablanca best games

Jose Raul Capablanca - The Cuban Genius Jose Raul Capablanca, the third world champion, is widely regarded as the greatest natural talent that ever played our ancient game. Already from his early days his gift for the game was apparent. He learnt the rules of chess by watching his father play. At the age of…
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Best games of Emanuel Lasker

Emanuel Lasker - The Fearless Fighter Emanuel Lasker, the second World Champion, has accomplished numerous feats that will probably never be surpassed. First of all, he held the title of the World Champion longer than anyone else in the history. When he lost his crown to Jose Raul Capablanca in 1921, it was the 27th…
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