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Famous chess games

In the history of chess, a huge amount of chess games has been played.

A number of this games has later become important for various reasons.

Some of the games became famous due to their extreme beauty.

Others became famous due to their incredible historical significance.

There are also games which became famous simply because they were extremely dramatic and marred by a horrible oversight.

In any case, in this series of posts, we assembled and analyzed a number of famous chess games.

Which famous chess games would you like to see covered next?

Best games of Wilhelm Steinitz

Wilhelm Steinitz - the first World Champion The year 1886 is a year of colossal importance in the history of chess. On January 11th, the first official match for the title of the World Champion between Wilhelm Steinitz and Johannes Zukertort took place. Although many notable matches took place in the preceding years, this match was…
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Famous chess games every player should know – Part two

MORE WORLD CHAMPIONS, MORE IMMORTALS Ever since writing the original list of famous chess games every player should know, I have been receveing emails and comments about why I haven't included this or that game. Therefore, I have decided that the time has come to write part two. The games I am going to mention are…
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Famous chess games every chess player should know

FAMOUS CHESS GAMES There are many reasons why Ludwig van Beethoven is famous all around the world. I could probably write numerous words about his sonatas, about his numerous experiments that were well ahead of his time, about how he wrote majority of his opus while being deaf (!!). However since it would all more or less…
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