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Famous Chess Moves.

Articles covering historical and important chess moves. From brilliant sacrifices to huge blunders and dramatic swindles.

Greatest chess swindles

THE ART OF RESURRECTION One of the most popular chess "eternal truths" states that the hardest thing in chess is winning a won game. Every chess player that played more than 10 tournament games can probably relate to that saying. I have surely played at least a dozen of games where I have been playing excellently and…
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Best chess moves of all time

... OR ACCORDING TO MY OPINION After makings ourselves feel better in the latest post, where we have revisited great blunders made by world class players, it is time for a reality check. Because in this post we will take a look at the most brilliant chess moves throughout the history of chess. Which will…
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Greatest chess blunders in the history of chess

ERRARE HUMANUM EST... The last tournament game I played was a Croatian league match. I was playing White and played a very good game, untill the following position was reached: [pgn eo=t pfr=/pgn4web ss=50 h=700] [FEN "r4n2/pp2Nk1p/2b3r1/4Qp1N/2pR1P1q/P6P/1P4P1/3B1R1K w - - 0 1 "] {I had around 40 minutes at this point, while my opponent was…
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