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How to checkmate

In this category we will examine the elementary checkmates, where the stronger side checkmates the bare king.

You will learn how to checkmate the opponent’s king.

There are four types of elementary checkmates:

  • Queen checkmate
  • Rook checkmate
  • Two bishops checkmate
  • Bishop and knight checkmate

How to mate with bishop and knight

INTRODUCTION Finally we have arrived to the most difficult "elementary" checkmate - The bishop and knight checkmate. First of all I would like to enter a short theoretical discussion. There is much to be said about the point of learning this checkmate in great detail. Because the main argument against bothering yourself with this relatively complicated mechanicsm…
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How to mate with two bishops

INTRODUCTION After learning elementary queen and rook checkmates it is time to take another "small step" for a chessplayer and learn another elementary mate. If you recall the basic chess rules, the next piece on the relative strength scale  is the bishop. However, from the bishop onwards, a single piece can't deliver the elementary checkmate to…
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How to mate with rook

 INTRODUCTION In the prevous post we have learned the elementary queen checkmate. Therefore, it is time to move one step forward. Since the rook is the second strongest piece, (remember basic chess rules), learning the rook checkmate next  is  quite logical.  MATING PICTURE First of all, in order to understand the mating mechanicsm, it is important…
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How to mate with queen

INTRODUCTION After we have explained the basic chess rules and movement of the pieces, we can take the next step. And that is learning the elementary ways of checkmating the opponent's king. Checkmating enemy king is the goal of every chess game. Therefore, learning how to checkmate should be one of the first steps of every chess beginner.…
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