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Sharjah Grand Prix 2017

Coverage of the Sharjah Grand Prix 2017.

Game analysis, round reports, news and opinions and more.

Sharjah Grand Prix 2017 – Round 9

THREE WAY TIE AT THE TOP, GRISCHUK WINS ON TIEBREAK I would like to start the Sharjah Grand Prix - Round 9 report with the words of my favourite computer game character Arthas (a.k.a. the Lich King): "Ohhh... at last..." [caption id="attachment_1411" align="aligncenter" width="372"] One of the heroes of my childhood... and another reason of…
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Sharjah Grand Prix 2017 – Round 8

GRISCHUK WINS AND JOINS THE LEADERS WHILE THE UNLIMITED DRAWS CONTINUE By now there is no doubt that my sports betting career is definitely over even before it began. Because even the slightest hope of avoiding infinite draws in the later rounds of Sharjah Grand Prix 2017 dissappeared with the round 8. Once again, there were…
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Sharjah Grand Prix 2017 – Round 7

LI CHAO B OUTPLAYS ELJANOV, SALEM WINS AGAINST RIAZANTSEV There is nothing worse then being out of form in a chess super tournament. After Sharjah Grand Prix 2017 - Round 7, Pavel Eljanov and Alexander Riazantsev are probably very well aware of that fact, as they both changed their evaluation of the tournament from bad…
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Sharjah Grand Prix 2017 – Round 6

GRISCHUK SURVIVES, NEPO WINS A BRILLIANCY, RAPPORT ALSO WINS Round six of the Sharjah Grand Prix 2017, played after a free day, still hasn't changed the ongoing trend of a great number of quick draws. In the sixth round there were only two decisive games. However, out of the 5 draws, the one between Nakamura and Grischuk…
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Sharjah Grand Prix 2017 – Round 5

ADAMS "HAMMERS" HAMMER, GRISCHUK AND JAKOVENKO ALSO WIN For the third time in the last couple of days, my favourite GM Michael Adams will be the star of the Sharjah Grand Prix round report. Because after analyzing his yesterday's loss against Shakriyah Mamedyarov, today he managed to recover with a grandiose technical win against the…
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