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User Chess Games.

Analysis of the chess games sent by users for the purposes of What Was I thinking series.

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What Was I Thinking #3 – Sten Boban

PREFACE The hero of the Featured Sundays #3 is a young Croatian player and my close personal... acquitance.. mr. Sten Boban. His style is very prophylactic and he is known as the "Croatian Petrosian", or more often "Croatian Tiger" (the second nickname is used more often by the female population). Some malicious people that include…
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What Was I Thinking #2 – Vjekoslav Nemec

Preface In this edition of the What Was I Thinking, I will be brave enough to put one of my own games. This weekend I have participated in a team rapid event in which the best team qualifies for the Croatian Cup final. The event was held as a 5 round Swiss, and the game we are…
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What Was I Thinking #1 – Henrik Ginderskov

In our first chessentials featured Sunday, we analyze a game submitted by the reader under the name of Henrik Ginderskov. Apparently, after the game, he went on to delete everything related to chess from his web browsers and computer, so I think we can safely assume he was slightly dissapointed with the outcome. Luckily for us,…
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