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World Chess Championship History

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Steinitz – Chigorin World Championship Match 1889

After his victory against Zukertort in 1886, Steinitz would enjoy the title of the World Chess Champion and the recognition of the chess world… For a while… Due to the fact that he was formulating the basic principles of the chess strategy, Steinitz's style was simply ahead of his time. He played strategicaly and positionaly,…
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Steinitz – Zukertort World Championship Match 1886

Starting from 1834, regular chess matches have been organized between the strongest players on the planet: La Bourdonnais – McDonnell match in 1834 Saint-Amant – Staunton match in 1843 Staunton – Saint-Amant rematch in 1843 Staunton – Horwitz match in 1846 Morphy – Anderssen match in 1858 However, although the winners of all these matches…
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