What Was I Thinking #2 – Vjekoslav Nemec


In this edition of the What Was I Thinking, I will be brave enough to put one of my own games.

This weekend I have participated in a team rapid event in which the best team qualifies for the Croatian Cup final.

The event was held as a 5 round Swiss, and the game we are going to see was played in round four.

It was a crucial round for determining the final outcome, since we have played with our direct rivals.

It goes without saying that I was extremely nervous. Still, initially I displayed some decent chess and managed to outplay my opponent. A 2150 rated player.

However, when I should have reaped the fruits of my labor, I went on to commit one mistake after another and find myself in a worse position.

Fortunately, our win in the match was not jeopardized, and my opponent offered me a draw in a position he could have played on for a win forever.

Therefore, it wasn't that tragic, since I only drew. But still, after analyzing the game I keep asking myself what was I thinking.

Game analysis

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