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Jose Raul Capablanca - The Cuban Genius

Jose Raul Capablanca, the third world champion, is widely regarded as the greatest natural talent that ever played our ancient game.

Already from his early days his gift for the game was apparent. He learnt the rules of chess by watching his father play. At the age of five he already beat all the player in the Havana Chess Club and at the age of thirteen he was already the Cuban Champion, after beating the previous champion Corzo in a one sided match.

During his peak, he didn't lose a single game between 1916 and 1924 (and  astounding 8 years without defeat).

His style reflected his talent perfectly. He was known for tendencies toward clarity and simplicity; he would often make his victories seem effortless. Moreover, his mastery of the endgame was unmatched during those times; instead of calculating variations he would simply "see" through the position and immediately "feel" where his pieces belong.

In this post, I have assembled a list of ten Capablancas games that I regard as his most beautiful achievements. Hope you will enjoy it.

Slikovni rezultat za jose raul capablanca

1. Capablanca - Tartakower, New York, 1924.

2. Capablanca - Fonaroff, New York, 1918.

3. Capablanca - Corzo, Havana, 1901.

4. Capablanca - Marshall, New York, 1909.

5. Tartakower - Capablanca, New York, 1924.

6. Nimzowitsch - Capablanca, New York, 1927.

7. Sergeant - Capablanca, Margate, 1935,

8. Lasker - Capablanca, Moscow, 1936

9. Capablanca - Yates, Hastings, 1919.

10. Alekhine - Capablanca, New York, 1927.

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