Chess study 16 – Oleg Pervakov study

Chess study 16

Oleg Pervakov study

We have already found out that Yochanan Afek is highly respected author in the chess composing community (see his studies here and here).

Apart from being a composer himself, he is also an organiser and the judge in the composing tournaments. Today, we are going to take a look at a brilliant study by Oleg Pervakov, which won the 2nd place in the Afek 64 tournament held in 2016.

White to play and win

Here is what Yochanan Afek had to say about this study:

"Mutual tactical blows ending up in an ideal mate following two active self-blocks. The quiet stunning sacrifice 2 Nh4!! creating an echo threat to the final mate and the subtle 3 Rd1! as well as the pair of bishop sacrifices all turn this study to a genuine gem in the best of my own favourite romantic style."

Nothing much to add here.

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