Carlsen – Karjakin match preview

                                 On the eve of the battle – Photo courtesy of World Chess


If you have been foolish enough to read some of my other posts on this blog, you might have realized that i am pretty fond on making unrelated references anywhere and anytime.

And if you expected this side of me to escalate on the brink of another historic chess event, you expected it right. Because as the date of the match inevitably approaches (this time Friday the 11th will be unlucky for one player; although one can argue that considering the results of American presidential elections Wednsday the 9th can be considered unlucky for us all.. but let’s not get into that) i cannot decide whether Theoden’s „ So it begins“  from Lord of the Rings, or Demon Hunter’s „The time has come“ from Warcraft III better depicts how i feel at the moment.

Okay, but enough with the nerd stuff, let’s stick to CHESS.

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Welcome to the blog

So, here it is. The prehistoric idea about starting a personal blog about chess has finally come true.

I am pretty overwhelmed and happy at the moment, because when i first got idea i

I really love chess and everything involved around chess, whether it is playing, reading or following top level games.

However during my chess path i realized that more and more players, especially those of younger generation, don’t read chess books at all and have pretty limited knowledge about chess history.

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