Chess studies 11 – Kotov Mitrofanov study


Kotov - Mitrofanov study

Another week, another study, another Mitrofanov.

After examining two Mitrofanov's brilliancies in weekly chess study #2 and weekly chess study #10, we present another one of his gems.

This time he joins forces with the soviet grandmaster Alexander Kotov, author of the famous book, Think like a grandmaster.


To be honest, after double checking the solution, I have found a line which  seems to me as the refutation of the study.

I am not 100 % certain that I have overlooked something, but after spending some time, I have been unable to find a win for White in the 1... Kxa7 line after Black's 4... Kb5.

Hopefully, someone more versed in the chess composition might know something more.

Nevertheless, the main line of the study is still brilliant.


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